A factory-automation network solution: backbone communications with CC-Link support, offering a high degree of freedom in network configuration.
CC-Link communication can also be replaced with a high-speed wireless optical (infrared) communication system, enabling fantastic reduction of wiring.
Optically transmit CC-Link data.
The CC-Link cable can be replaced with wireless optical communication.
Wireless reception can be transmitted to a master unit,facilitating optical-axis adjustment and improving maintainability.
Communication speeds of 156 k, 652 k, and 2.5 Mbps supported.


Model No. Descriptions

Sample System Configuration


Transmission rate
156k, 625k, 2.5Mbps
Power voltage
Rated voltage:24VDC Power ripples:10% or less Voltage:18-30VDC Peak voltage including ripples: Within 30V
Current consumption
Less than 150mA(at 24VDC input)
RS485 compliant
Transmission method
Half duplex
Communication control method
Bit forward
Num. stations occupied
When monitor function used: 1 When monitor function not used : 0
Transmission distance
0.2 – 160m
0.2 – 80m
1 degrees (both horizontal and vertical)
Modulation method
Lighting element
Near infrared light emitting diode(light emitting wavelenghth 870nm)
Receiving element
Setting switches

4-pin dip switch
SW1,2 : Communication speed setting
Communication speeds 156k, 625k, 2.5M Cannot be set
SW3 : Not used Use with this set to “off”
SW4 : Switch transmission carrier frequency OFF CH1 ON CH2

Auxiliary output
CDO : “ON” when communication is permitted
ALM : “OF” when the reception level is low
Photocoupler insulation NPN open collector output
Output rating : 30VDC 50mA MAX
For signal :4-pole connector terminal block
For power/auxiliary output: 5-pole connector terminal block
Check terminals
DC voltage corresponding to the reception level is provided.
(Use the DC voltage range with a 10kOhm /V or higher tester)
Code setting switch
Two rotary switches
00 : Monitor function not used
01 to 64 : Code setting when monitor function used
65 to 99 : Cannot be set
Terminal resistance switch: Three-position slide switch
ON1 : 110 Ohm
OFF : Open
ON2 : 130 Ohm
Ambient operating illumination
Solar beam: 10,000 lx or less
Fluorescent, incandescent lamps: 3,000 lx or less
No externally disturbed light shall directly enter the receiver.
Ambient operating temperature
-10 – +55℃ No Freezing allowed
Ambient operating humidity
10 – 85% RH No condensation allowed
Weight (Main body)
Fixture (1 Set), screws for fixture (4 pcs.).
Signal plug (1 pc), power/aux. output plug (1 pc).

Principal Use

■Communication of Automated storage and retrieval system.

A system that controls two or more stacker cranes simultaneously by bidirectional transmission.


SOT-MQ82/162 Catalog
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SOT-MQ82/162 Instruction manual
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