SOT-AV100/130 Series


This is a free space optical transmission system that uses infrared communication to wirelessly transmit video shot by a security camera or the like to a remote TV monitor.

There is no need to install cabling, greatly reducing cost.
There are no legal restrictions on optical communication, eliminating the hassle of applications and other procedures. Optical communications also do not impact hospital or other medical equipment, enabling worry-free use.
Noise does not interfere with the video picture, enabling its use in extremely noisy environments. High image quality with almost no degradation is also maintained using frequency modulation (FM).
An SOT-RB case for outdoor use is also available as an option. (Produced to order.)
A TC-200 power unit (with cable) is also available as an option for using AC power. (Produced to order.)
Please inquire about PAL-compatible models


Model No. Descriptions

Main Specifications

Transfer distance
0.5 to 100m
0.5 to 130m
Power supply voltage
DC11 – 25V ripple 100mVp-P or less
Current consumption
Sender 150mA Max, 180mA Max
Receiver 150mA Max
I/O signal
NTSC composite signal: 1 Vp-p (Z = 75 Ohm)
Spread of sender beam
Approx. 0.5°,approx. Ø0.87 m at 100 m
Approx. 0.7°,approx. Ø1.60 m at 130 m
Incident angle of beam on receiver
Approx. 5°
Communication method
1:1 one-way optical communication
Modulating method
FM (8 MHz ~ 15 MHz)
Sender element
Near infrared LED (Core wavelength: 880 nm)
Receiver element
Power lamp, receiver lamp, receiving level
Level 2: Green …Stable receiving, level 1: Red …Light receiving
Signal: BNC connector, power: Terminal board connection
Ambient operating temperature
0 – 50°C No freezing allowed
Ambient operating humidity
30 – 85%RH No condensation allowed
Ambient operating illumination
3,000 lx or under (Direct incident disturbance light to receiver not allowed.)
Vibration resistance
10 – 30 Hz, for 2H each in X/Y/Z direction, double amplitude -1.0 mm)
Shock resistance
500 m/s2, 10 cycles each in X/Y/Z direction
Weight (Main Body)

Sample System Configuration

Sample Application

Street security

Parking-lot security and monitoring

Warehouse and plant security and monitoring