It is possible to use it as a space optical of CC-Link.
The data of CC-Link is transmitted because of light (Near-infrared rays).
The cable of CC-Link can be replaced with an optical, wireless communication.
Because an optical receiving level can be transmitted to the master of CCLink,
the optical axis adjustment can be easily done.
The transmission rate corresponds to 10M, 5M, 2.5M, and 625Kbps.


■The main specification of CC-Link

Application PLC Made of Mitsubishi Electric
A series/QuA series/Q series etc.
Application Master unit AJ61BT11, A1SJ61BT11, AJ61QBT11,
A1SJ61QBT11, QJ61BT11 etc.
Communication method Control & Communication Link (CC-Link)
Transmission route Bus
Transmission format HDLC
Connection Connector terminal block
Transmission speed 10M, 5M, 2.5M, 625Kbps Either is selected

Principal Use

■Communication of Automated storage and retrieval system.

A system that controls two or more stacker cranes simultaneously by bidirectional transmission.


SOT-MS102/202 Catalog
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SOT-MS102/202 Instruction manual
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