Multi-Beam Sensor


This is an infrared beam sensor for multiple beams, which is designed to detect obstacles on the doorway of elevator. It is an intelligent sensor, which assures smooth entering or exiting of people, carrier, stroller, etc., from the elevator by restricting the door from closing when it detects any obstacle on the doorway. If it is combined with a dedicated power supply box, it is adaptable to an AC power supply circuit or control circuit that utilizes contactors.



ESE-2000E48 ESX-2000E4
Detection method Transmission type
Light source Infrared light emitting diode
Light wavelength 940nm
Number of elements 40 40((Multi-scan optical axis 206 axes or equivalent))
Minimum Optical axis spacing 46mm 46mm
Scanning method Parallel Scan(40 opical axes) Parallel scan(40 optical axes) : 0 ~0.3m
Multi-scan (122 optical axes) : 0.3 ~0.5m
Multi-scan (206 optical axis) : 0.5 ~3m
Detection distance 0~3m
Sensing object Φ80㎜ or more Φ50mm or more
Power supply voltage DC24V Power Ripple 10% or
AC17V +10%, -20% 3-phase full-wave rectifier power supply
Peak voltage including power supply ripple shall not exceed 28V.
DC9 to 28V Power Ripple 10% or
AC17V +10%, -20% 3-phase full-wave rectifier power supply
Peak voltage including power supply ripple shall not exceed 28V.
Output Receiver Control output : 1 point
Output method :
NPN outputOutput rating DC30V 50mA or less, with overcurrent protection function
When the output “ON” Remaining voltage 2V or less
When the output “OFF” Leakage current 100μA or less
Output Response Time Detection time 60ms or less 73ms or less
Recovery time 300ms or less 330ms or less
Timeout function Automatic cutting function for broken optical axis:
Occurrence conditions: In the case of the light shielding time of the same optical axis exceeds the set time due to mischief or sensor failure

Timeout Permissible range:
Functions up to 5 optical axes that are non-adjacent 6 or more optical axes retain the obstacle detection (light shielding) status
Timeout response time : 45 sec

External connection Come with a 0.6m long cable that can be connected to the relay connector. (non bending resistant)
Options Cable Dedicated cable bending resistance specifications; for detaile dimensions, refer to the attached external dimensions.
Dedicated cable for Projector
ESE PC6 : Length 6m, round terminal
ESE-PC6T : Length 6m, ferrule
Dedicated cable for Receiver
ESE-RC6 : Length 6m, round terminal
ESE-RC6 T : Length 6m, ferrule
Ambient temperature -10℃~+50℃
Ambient humidity 90%RH or less
Ambient illuminance 5,000lx or less
(with fluorescent lamps, but not to directly enter the light receiving section)
100,000 lx or less
(due to sunlight, but not directly incident on the light receiving section)
Vibration resistance 10 to 40 to 10Hz 5 minute sweep full amplitude 0.5mm
2 hours each in X, Y, and Z 3 directions
Impact resistance natural falls in eight directions from the height of 300mm from the concrete floor in the packaged condition.
Protection rating IP53
Weight 1.3kg (weight of emitter/receiver set)


ESE-2000E48 Specification
ESX-2000E1/2/3/4 Specification