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For Brushless DC motor roller (For BLDC motor)


Supports DeviceNet
A MRC can control four motors at the same time, which enables
· compact size
· cost efficiency
· high performance.
A wide variety of functions in operation mode are available.
It can be also controlled by PLC. (*1)
It can reduce wiring cost
Motor status can be monitored and motors can be controlled through the field network.
Smooth speed control is available by a microcomputer.
Rotating speed is set according to digital code.
Output signals for brakes and servo lock control are available.
A maximum of nine input and five output signals are available for users. (*2)

*1: In the mode of ‘User defined control by PLC’ the DeviceNet communication has to be used.
*2: These numbers of points are the number when the mode of ‘User defined control by PLC( is chosen.


Sample System Configuration

A Wide Variety of Functions in Operation Mode

Accumulation mode
  1. Single control : When the downstream conveyor area is available to receive the package, it transfers it one by one.
  2. High-speed control : The package is transferred after a certain period time when the downstream conveyor is moving.
  3. Train control : When the downstream conveyor becomes empty, the packages as they come from the upstream area are transferred.
Y type merged transfer control
It controlles Y type merged conveyor lanes.
Right angle transfer control
It transfers the package at a right angle.
T type transfer control
This control is a combination of merge and transfer function.
User defined control by PLC
This function allows users to controll motor-rollers arbitrarily using PLC without functions built-in.


General Specifications/MRC-410

MRC-410 series
Power supply
DC24V ±10%
Operation mode

ZAP mode
Y type merged transfer control
Right angle transfer mode
Continuous mode

Other features
Same rotation
Home position return
Energy efficient
Transmission information
Operation commands
Speed commands
Operating status
Error reset commands
Operating time
Input specifications
Number of points : 12 points
Rated voltage : DC24V
ON voltage : DC10V or more
OFF voltage : DC4V or less
Input current : 6mA or less
Isolation method : Non-isolation
Output specifications
Number of points : 8 points
Rated voltage : DC24V
Rated output current : CN21:20mA Other than CN21:50mA
Leakage current : 0.05mA or less
Isolation method : Photo coupler isolation
Motor protection
Overheat protection
Temperature detection by thermistor with built-in motor. It is available to set the parameter within the range between 80 and 120℃
Overcurrent protect
Overcurrent detection. It is available to set the parameter within the range between 1 and 6A.
Motor I/F circuit
4 circuits
Input:thermistor and hall IC signal(UVW)
Output:Coil drive (UVW),Power supply for hall IC,Brake
250(W)×24.6(D)×85(H) (The connector projection included.)
Weight (A main unit)
Operation ambient temperature 0 – 40℃ (32 – 104 deg F)
Operation ambient humidity 10 – 90% (No condensation.)
Installation place
Indoor (without direct sunlight, corrosive gas, condensation, rainwater and water drops)


DeviceNet Specification

Adapted system
Volume 1(Editon2.1)
Volume 3(Editon1.1)
Slave type
Group2 Only Server
Maximum number of connections
64 (Including one master unit.)
MAC ID Setting range
0 – 63
Communication speed
I/O alocated
Input:16 bytes
Output:16 bytes


Options List

Power suppry connecter (CN1)
FKCW 2,5/2-STF-5,08
DeviceNet connecter (CN2)
TFKC 2,5/5-STF-5,08 AU M
Signal connecter (CN10~22)
Sumitomo 3M
37104-2206-000 FL
Connecter for Motor-Roller
Japan Molex
Connecter for Brake
Japan Molex
Crimp Receptacle for connecters of
Motor-Roller and Brake
Japan Molex
Hand Crimp Tool for a connecter of
Motor-Roller and Brake
Japan Molex
PC connecting cable
(Parameter setting software included)

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