Professional of Energy Conversion Transformer

Reliable product line fulfills the supply of stable electrical energy.

We promise a steady supply of our transformer product line, which will continue to respond to the mandate of the times amid the increasing need for high-quality, stable energy, along with the development of a wide variety of electronic devices.

  • SafetySafety and Security
  • LineupFull product lineup
  • CostLow-cost
  • DeliveryQuick delivery
  • EnvironmentEco-friendly and RoHS compliant

energy saving

Amorphous Dry Type Transformer

This is a front-running transformer that supports greening, considering the environment and energy conservation. The iron core incorporates an amorphous alloy.

lightning surge

Surge Isolation Transformer

This transformer attenuates surges caused by lightning and supplies power safely to lightning-sensitive electrical equipment, etc.

space saving

Ultrathin Dry Type Transformer/ Thin Dry Type Transformer

This thin transformer saves space because its depth has been mini­mized to the limit.(The overall depth of the ultrathin dry-type transformer is 100mm.)

Other Products

  • Dry Type Transformer (TKH 4)
  • Rack Mounted Type Surge Isolation Transformer (TRM)
  • Mold Transformer
  • Starting Reactor
  • Disaster Prevention Wireless Type Surge Cut Transformer