Experts of Optical Technology Electric Device

This division was early to commence on optical technology.
It will continue to play a leading role on the frontier of the industry.

The Electric Device Division's core technologies consist of transmission technology, sensing technology, and display technology that have been created by applying optical and control technology of the power. This division continues to provide various related equipment to the elevator market. FA / logistics market, industrial furnace market, etc., contributing safety, innovation, and laborsaving.


Sensing technologies include various types of highly reliable sensors that can sense things with high precision without contact using LED(Near-infrared light-emitting diode) technology.

Principal Products
Multi-beam sensorThis is a multiple-beam optical sensor to assure smooth entering or exiting from the elevator.
Elevator entrance detection sensorThis is a sensor to detect people entering the elevator.
Escalator passenger sensorThis is an optical sensor to assure smooth entering or exiting from the escalator.


Transmission technologies includevarious types of space optical transfer units that can transmit with wireless, high-speed, and high quality using LED (Near-infrared light-emitting diode) technology.

Principal Products
Ethernet support typeThis warehouse uses an Ethernet signal to control cranes, monitor the area, and do maintenance.
Optical wireless LAN typeWith an optical wireless LAN, webcam images can be transmitted a far distance away.
Parallel communication typeThese machines can transmit parallel input and output signals for materials identification, cylinder control, etc.


Information display technologies include various information display devices; such as a full-color LED display that can produce up to 16,770,000 different hues using advanced built-in control technologies.

Principal Products
Full-color display
Multi-language display
Display for solar-Power


Power control technologies include an AC power regulation unit that uses a thyristor semiconductor device to switch high-power to high quality and long service life.

Principal Products
Single phase unit
Three phase unit
Three phase two wire unit