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Official name Toyo Electric Corporation
Head office 2-156 Ajiyoshi-cho, Kasugai-city, Aichi 486-8585 Japan MAP
Tel:+81-568-31-4191 Fax:+81-568-31-8096
Representatives Shoko Matsuo, President
Incorporated July 1947
Capital 1,037,080,000 yen (as of end-March 2020)
Stock listing January 1997, Nagoya Stock Exchange, Section Two
Settling day March 31
(as of end-March 2020)
〔Consolidated〕 454
〔Non-consolidated〕 227
Net sales
(FYE March 2020)
〔Consolidated〕 9,166 million yen
〔Non-consolidated〕 7,896 million yen


1947 July Toyo Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is incorporated in the city of Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture. Its main business is the repair of pole transformers for power lines.
1949 December A factory is built in the Nishi ward of Nagoya, and the manufacture and sale of switchboards, control panels, and transformers are begun as a new business.
1960 October The Kasugai Plant is built in the city of Kasugai, in Aichi Prefecture, in order to boost production. The production of switchboards, control panels, and transformers is moved here.
1963 July Toyo Electric develops and launches sales of its first independently developed product: a semiconductor power conditioner.
1969 November Toyo Electric becomes the first in the industry to develop and launch a photoelectric switch using a light emitting diode (LED) and logic element with a contactless control circuit.
1970 January The company changes its official name to Toyo Electric Corporation.
1974 September Toyo Electric develops and launches sales of a microcomputer with onboard microprocessor.
1981 December Toyo Electric develops and launches sales of a toroidal transformer.
1989 February The Kagiya Plant is built in the Kasugai Corporate Park in Kasugai, Aichi Prefecture.
1991 October Toyo Electric merges with Toyo Machinery Co., Ltd., Toyo Transformers Co., Ltd., and Toyo Electric Construction Corp.
1997 January Toyo Electric is listed on section 2 of the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
1998 March The Transformer Division obtains European safety standard (EN60742) certification for its dry insulation transformers.
1998 April All divisions obtain ISO 9001 certification.
1999 April The Engineering Division obtains the Good Plant Certification from the Japan Switchboard Industries Association.
2002 April Toyo Electric Spins off T.M.C. Enterprise Limited and Toyo Electric Facility Services Co., Ltd.
2004 July All Toyo Electric, T.M.C. Enterprise Limited, and Toyo Electric Facility Services plants obtain certification for ISO 14001 (Environmental Management).
2004 October Toyo Electric establishes a foreign subsidiary in Nanjing, China, by purchasing a controlling stake in Nanjing Huayang Electric Co., Ltd.
2006 January Toyo Electric obtains Certification of Aichi Quality.
2007 June Nagoya sales offices of all business divisions consolidated at Kasugai Plant.
2009 Noverrber Relocated the Osaka sales office from Kita-ku to Chuo-ku in Osaka city.
Relocated the Tokyo sales office to another building within the same district in Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
2010 February Introduced a division system that establishes an integrated sales department and quality assurance department at the same headquarters.
2011 April Abolished the three-business-domain structure: engineering division, electronic device division, and transformer division; and introduced the two-factory system: the Kagiya factory and Kasugai factory.
2012 February The sheet-metal division was separated from its parent company, Toyo Manufacturing Corporation establishing the Toyo Sheet Metal Manufacturing Corporation.
2012 April Merged the division of Toyo Manufacturing Corporation.
2013 February Established Thai Toyo Electric Co., Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand.
2014 March Relocated Thai Toyo Electric Co., Ltd. to Chonburi Prefecture, Kingdom of Thailand.
2014 March Withdrew Toyo Jyushi Co., Ltd. from the road traffic safety materials field.
2014 June Abolished two plants system of Kagiya Plant and Kasugai Plant and adopted divisional system.
2014 August New Kasugai Plant completed (relocated Head Office).
2018 April Established Device Solution Division.
2020 April Abolished Device Solution Division and integrated into the Engineering Division and the Electric Device Division.