Semiconductor laser (LD) safety standard(wavelength 400nm-700nm)


Product Class Power guide for
continuous wave※
Overview of major risks and risk management in
laboratories and work sites
Class 1 and
Class 1M
About 0.39mW or less Avoid keeping on looking directly at the beam.
Class 1M, 2M, 3R is dangerous to eyes when using optical observation equipment such as binoculars.
Class 2 and
Class 2M
About 1 mW or less
Class 3R About 5 mW or less
Class 3B 0.5W or less Extremely dangerous when observing the direct beam or specular light with the naked eye. Controlled area required.
Class 4 Over 0.5W Direct beam or specular light and diffuse reflection also cause damage. There is a risk of fire. Controlled area required

※Continuous wave (CW): According to the definition of JIS C6802, a laser that continuously operates for 0.25 seconds or longer is a CW laser.

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